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  • Multi-Function Logarithmic Board

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  • Hardworking Bee Hive Color Matching Toy

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  • Wooden Chair Building Set

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  • Wooden Shoe Lacing Puzzle

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  • Why Are Wooden Toys Better Than Plastic?

    Wooden toys have been around since the earliest civilizations. The discovery of wooden toys and earthenware in the Mesopotamia region led archaeologists to believe that it was the oldest society in history. They were estimated to have created around 9000 BC. These earliest examples of wooden toys exhibited ideas from their age. Wooden toy carts […]

  • What Age are Wooden Puzzles For?

    Children of all ages love puzzles, and the wooden kind can keep them busy for hours on end. On top of that, wooden puzzles can teach children hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and problem-solving. Puzzles are simple yet amazing. Puzzles aren’t really limited to a specific age, but some are made with specific ages in […]

  • Things to Build With Wooden Blocks

    Things to Build With Wooden Blocks

    Building blocks have been a form of timeless enjoyment for children for centuries. Nearly every person has at least one memory of building with blocks. Lego is perhaps the most popular name that some would remember. There are many benefits to entertaining your children with building blocks. Using wooden building blocks have a few additional […]

  • How to Solve a 12-Piece Wooden Puzzle

    How to Solve a 12-Piece Wooden Puzzle

    Wooden toys have been around since ancient times. Archaeological dig sites in Mesopotamia found wooden toys dating back as far as 9000 BC. Wood appeared to be the preferred method of child entertainment used by the ancient society that settled in the area. In modern days it is still the safest and most versatile material […]